Samstag, 5. November 2011

first new Project

ok, back to cutting, base making, priming, painting again... going to be a "smooth" one

always wanted to paint up this little cute demon, also known as Cthulhu :)

first thing i did, was to cut off and file down his remaining sprue part, i wanted him to stay flat on its base, also gave him a small pin to attach it to a holding device as you can see :)

Next step was to cut out some material of the wooden base, nearly scratched my hand trying it with my hobbyknife... needed some heavier tools... got my Saw out !!!
dunno what wood this is, realy had to use the tough one... ;(
But its heavy and looks very nice !

after half an hour or so, some Milliput, Magic Sculp, some remaining wood dust and fine sand was used to give the Base some more scenic effects :)
letting this cure now over night...

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