Freitag, 11. November 2011

Update and preview

The base for "la pelle de `Tulu" is nearly done, messed up with the static grass ... had better luck painting it the last time i did.
Need to replace that later, just ordered some mini natur stuff.

Sorry for the picture quality, all made with an iphone 4 :)
Hope to own a new Cam soon....

just found a tutorial on how to make quick flowers :)
cut some very thin copper wire dipped it into green paint (right into the drippers)
let it dry a few seconds, then dipped it into white glue, and finaly into some different pigments... et voila ... flowers ! 

and a little preview on a next project.
The Girl in front is Dana Murphy from the CAV series from Reaper if i remember correctly.
The Thing behind her is a scratch build leg of a Mech (made one out of foam for scale purposes), some more scenery to come :)

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